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You say tomato, we say...
At Grasshopper's, we are proud as punch to announce the arrival of our first tomatoes - plump, red and ripe for the picking. But haven't they taken their sweet time coming, if you think about it...

Those busy Spanish explorers carried small yellow tomatoes from the wilds of Central and South America, back to Europe in the early sixteenth century. From the tabletops of Naples, the glory of the 'golden apple' spread relatively quickly through the north and to Britain, but it was centuries before the tomato became big in our backyards, thanks to the influx of Mediterranean migrants, 60 odd years ago.

One reason for its slow journey was the fact that the fruit (yes, tomatoes are a fruit, belonging to the Nightshade family) was thought to be poisonous, which is ironic given how very good they are - full of vitamins, minerals and potent antioxidants. And what about the taste? Words can't describe it but, luckily, they aren't necessary... Our home-grown Cherry Roma tomatoes are ready to serve - drop by Grasshopper's soon for a slice of the action.